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light lunch: sandwiches
14:00 Souvik Banerjee: A toy model of black hole complementarity
14:30 Cynthia Keeler: A Caveat for Applied Holography: part1part2
15:00 Rob Klabbers: Thermodynamics of Inozemtsev’s elliptic spin chain
15:30 Jakob Geipel: Sasakian quiver gauge theory on the conifold
(chair: Rakibur Rahman)

16:00 coffee and tea
16:30 Oliver Schlotterer: Universality in string interactions
17:00 Madalena Lemos: Bootstrapping the 6d N=(2,0) theory
17:30 Severin Lüst: Supersymmetric AdS Solutions in Supergravity
18:00 Lorenzo Bianchi: Entropy and conformal defects
(chair: Rutger Boels)

20:00 conference dinner (downtown Bremen) “Ständige Vertretung im Flett (StäV)”, Böttcherstraße 3-5, 28195 Bremen

09:30 Valentina Forini: String worldsheet, AdS/CFT and lattice
10:00 Yegor Korovin: New modes from higher curvature corrections in holography
10:30 Murad Alim: Geometric Hints of Non-perturbative Topological Strings
(chair: Jan Louis)

11:00 coffee and tea
11:30 Eric Bergshoeff: Applied Newton-Cartan Geometry: a Pedagogical Review
12:10 Dennis Hansen: N-C Geometry from the Noether procedure and Galilean Electrodynamics
12:40 Marco Sanchioni: From Schroedinger to Lifshitz Hydrodynamics by particle number breaking
(chair: Valentina Forini)

13:10 light lunch: pizza
research updates:
13:40 Athanasios Chatzistavrakidis: Sigma models and generalized geometries
14:00 Marius de Leeuw: One-point functions in AdS/dCFT
14:20 Andreas Deser: Symplectic supermanifolds and non-geometric fluxes
(chair: Till Bargheer)